The stunning hues found in jarrah gives it an individuality that is both rare and beautiful. With tones that range from soft salmon pink to rich reddish brown a solid jarrah floor is a stunning addition to any interior. The durability and toughness of jarrah will ensure your floor maintains its natural beauty with little to no maintenance. The colour range of Jarrah Flooring complements iron and steel, and works well alongside granite and glass, making it ideal for both classic and contemporary interiors. A hardwearing  Jarrah floor is sure to remain a centerpiece in your home for generations.

Species in Detail

Moderately coarse but even texture with an interlocked grain with little gum vein.
Soft salmon pink to rich reddish brown dependent on the age of the wood.

Grown on lateritic soils in south-west Western Australia.

 Janka Rating of 8.5