Marri floors are characterised by beautiful natural features. In tones of soft cream and pale gold to light brown a Marri floor is a stunning addition to any interior and suits both classic and contemporary palettes. Marri is also unique to the South West of Australia, generally used for woodchipping, but the last ten years it has become more and more popular for flooring and furniture because of its artistic features such as its extensive bloodwood gum veins and imperfections. This flooring is our most popular product today, a fresh light hardwood for the modern home. The character of the gum veins and curly grain are the fashion of today’s market. A Marri floor is hard wearing and durable and will remain a beautiful feature for many years to come.

Grown here in Western Australia in the south west nestled within Jarrah & Karri trees.

Species in Detail

Marri  – Corymbia Calophylla
Moderately coarse but even texture with an interlocked grain and generally quite a lot of gum vein.
Cream and pale gold to light tones dependent of the age of the timber.

Janka Rating of 7.1