Membatu is one of the medium to large hardwoods, often buttressed, with a straight cylindrical bole between 30 and 50 m long. Mostly solitary with a few radial or oblique groups, medium size, even and diffuse distribution, vessel lines present.

These trees grow across a diversity of site types in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines.

Species in Detail

Membatu, Balau, Red Balau – Shorea Guiso
Both timbers: grain varies form straight to interlocked. Interlocking grain produces striped figure on quarter-sawn material. Texture moderately coarse but even. Membatu is Brownish heartwood, sapwood distinctly paler.

Janka Rating of 8.0

Red Balau heartwood red-brown to purple-brown, sapwood distinctly paler.

Janka Rating of 8.0