WA Blackbutt

WA Blackbutt is a tall straight tree growing mostly near rivers as it likes alot of water, consequently because of CALM restrictions on harvesting near rivers, the WA Blackbutt tree is now getting harder to source for milling, it always has been popular for flooring and panelling and is very attractive when used for furniture. WA blackbutt is usually a tall tree up to 45 m in height, with diameter at breast height to 1.8 m and a relatively large straight bole. On less favourable, particularly swampy sites, it is a smaller tree of poor form.

It is grown near Perth in the north to Albany on the south coast.

Species in Detail

WA Blackbutt – Eucalyptus Patens
Exhibits pinholes, worm holes and some surface checking.
Sapwood is sufficiently paler to the distinguishable colour. Light honey through to golden nutty browns.

Janka Rating of 6.9