Mirka Leros 225 mm Wall & Ceiling Brushless Sander


Mirka Brushless Leros 225 mm Wall & Ceiling Sander

Unique brushless wall and ceiling sander. Thanks to the light weight, less than 3,5 kg, the sander can be used for longer periods putting less strain on the operator’s body. Mirka® LEROS is the first wall sander with 180° flexibility on the sanding head and this helps the operator reach the surface from a better angle and allows a more ergonomic working position. Thanks to the random orbital movement the sander responds precisely to the operator’s movements. The special sanding head and backing pad design makes it possible to work very close to corners/edges. Furthermore the fixation point of the sanding head is close to the surface and contributes to more stable sanding. A practical carrying bag is included in the package.

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Weight 3000 g

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