Norton Blaze R975 Ceramic Sanding Belt – 200 x 750mm


Blaze R975 CA Coarse Grit Cloth Floor Sanding Belts, new to the Australian market. Currently only available in the 200x750mm (8″) range.

If your sanding pre-finished our bamboo floors, these are the belts to rip through that baked on coating.

Engineered with a super-sharp premium ceramic grain, Blaze R975 coarse grit cloth floor sanding belts cut fast with unsurpassed longevity and are extremely effective for pre-finish floor sanding. The open-coat-grain design keeps loading to a minimum during aggressive cutting to allow efficient sanding through multiple layers of tough coatings. Featuring a super-strong and flexible, antistatic, poly-cotton backing, these belts improve tracking and versatility and minimize dust accumulation to keep your machines cleaner for a longer period of time.

Abrasive : Ceramic Alumina

Backing Material : X-wt. Cotton

Abrasive Type : Coated

These come in packs of 5.

Available in:-
8” – 200 mm x 750 mm

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66261150008P24$140.495 per box
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66261150005P40$116.075 per box
66261150003P60$102.635 per box
66261150002P80$91.105 per box
66261150001P100$87.815 per box
66261150000P120$82.875 per box
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Weight 1200 g

P24, P36, P40, P60, P80, P100, P120

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