Urethane Coatings Timberseal – 20 Litre


A rapid drying timber sealer for all timber species, cork and particle board.  May be mixed with fine saw dust to slurry consistency, for use as a filler for timber seams.  Timberseal is highly flexible, and therefore when worked well into tongue & groove seams prevents entry of the subsequent coat of Polyurethane and can virtually eliminate edge bonding.  Also available in a High Solids variant, offering greater build properties.

Timberseal can be used as an interior first coat for the following materials.

  1. All types of cork tiles.
  2. Pine species – Radiata, Baltic, Cypress.
  3. Particle Board
  4. All species of Hardwoods. Fine sand Hardwood to a smooth finish.  Hardwoods must not be burnished and grain must remain open.  Accordingly, Urethane Coatings recommend nothing finer than 120 grit paper or equivalent is used to finish sanding new hardwood floors or to finish sanding old hardwood floors back to bare timber.  Ensure the timber surface if free from dust, wax or oily substances.

As Timberseal is highly flexible, it will virtually eliminate Edge Bonding if it is heavily applied and worked into the seams, thereby preventing entry of the subsequent coat of Monothane. Where seams are in excess of 1mm, they can be filled with a mixture of Timberseal and fine sanding dust forced into the seam with the edge of a steel trowel.

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