Norton 6 + 1 Holes Soft Interface Cushion Pad 150mm AM328030


NORTON INTERFACE PAD – Soft Interface Pad adds cushion and conformability to back-up pads for auto body sanding applications requiring precision across uneven surfaces. It increases abrasive cut and enables more consistent contact of abrasive discs around surface contours, plus the pad allows closer sanding to edges for smoother, more refined finishes.

  • Soft foam construction conforms to contours for a finer finish
  • Adds support to disc pad for improved abrasive cut and closer edge sanding
  • Hole configurations help clear dust from the work surface, increasing disc life
  • Reduces vibration from orbital sanding tool for improved results
  • 150mm / 6″
  • 6 + 1 Hole
  • 11mm Thick
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Weight 50 g

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