Engineered Timber Choices

Engineered floors have changed dramatically over the years. There are some great looking boards available now in various finished including oil. We are even installing these on walls to make that great feature in some homes. Engineered floating timber floors combines the sophistication of original timber with an ingenious construction delivering a stable floor and making installation easy over many surfaces. Once installed, no additional work is required; it can be fitted quickly and enjoyed immediately.

Engineered Floating flooring can be laid onto any hard level surface such as concrete, chipboard, tiles or existing timber flooring. The decorative timber surface adheres to two or more backing layers for strength and dimensional stability. Up to 75% less face timber is used than in solid floors, resulting in a very environmentally friendly finish. Floating floors are ideal for areas where height is a restriction.

Features & Benefits

Available in 1, 2 & 3 strip boards in various widths.
Low sheen high-quality European UV cured acrylic lacquer.
The 1 – 4mm nominal hardwood top layer allows resanding and recoating for a long service life.
No mess and fumes from sanding and finishing.
Engineered Flooring can be walked on within hours of installation.
The clear coating highlights the natural colour and timber features.
Engineered Flooring can be glued or ‘floated’ over a level subfloor such as a concrete slab, particleboard or plywood.
Can be re-sanded, just like traditional timber floors on the glued down type with 4mm veneer boards.
Engineered Flooring is ideal for asthmatics and allergy sufferers as it does not harbour dust or allergens.