Norton Mesh Power Speed Grip Ceramic Rolls 75mm x 10m & 115mm x 10m


Try A Breath of Fresh Air 

The NEW Norton MeshPower sanding rolls provide a powerful dust extraction for virtually dust free sanding. This means a cleaner, healthier working environment, a better finish and a much more pleasant sanding experience. These rolls can be used on sanding blocks and then cut to length. The open structure and premium bond system means that it can be used wet or dry for the perfect results. The self-gripping backing allows for a quick and easy change. As there is no designated hole pattern it is easy to align to any rubbing block which saves time and effort aligning holes.

Use Norton MeshPower for Powerful Dust Extraction & Cleaner Environment

Sanding can traditionally be very dusty and messy. Norton Meshpower is a multi-functional abrasive roll that has an open mesh construction allowing particles to flow freely through thousands of tiny holes. This hole structure allows dust extraction in any application and provides a dust free sanding environment. This is better for your health, better for your application and business making it ideal for your auto body work. Norton MeshPower products also feature Norton No-Fil® technology, which is applied to the abrasive grains to prevent clogging for longer product life.  This also helps to deliver a consistent cut throughout the product life to achieve a better finish, improved productivity and value for money.

Ceramic Advantage

Ceramic grain provides the ultimate material removal, best productivity, longest life and finest finish. These sharper grains provide faster cutting with a rapid removal rate saving time and money.

These rolls come in 10 linear meters


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69957326171P80$96.8875mm x 10m Roll
69957326176P120$90.1675mm x 10m Roll
69957326178P180$90.1675mm x 10m Roll
69957326179P240$90.1675mm x 10m Roll
69957326182P320$90.1675mm x 10m Roll
69957326269P80$132.16115mm x 10m Roll
69957326270P120$120.96115mm x 10m Roll
69957326271P180$120.96115mm x 10m Roll
69957326272P240$120.96115mm x 10m Roll
69957326273P320$120.96115mm x 10m Roll
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Weight 900 g

P80, P120, P180, P240, P320