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Norton Abrasives is excited to introduce the new Hand Scraper and Sharpening Kit. This new hand scraper design comes with a custom sharpening jig which provides a super sharp and consistent blade while eliminating the dangers of sharpening with a file by hand. The ergonomic handle provides a comfortable feel and its flex allows for maximum scraping capacity. When the blade needs to be sharpened just attach it to the guide rod of the sharpening jig and after a few passes you are ready to go. The kit comes with two handles and two blades (one 3/4″ and one 1-1/2″). Replacement blades are sold separately.

Sharpening Blade

STEP 1: Place bushing on guide rod

STEP 2: Hold over guide rod at “nose” of tool
Bring blade in glancing contact with file as you move it along rod. Do not bear down on file – Let the tool do the work.

Round Corners & Blend Work

After sharpening the blade, glide corners of blade across file (while resting bushing against guide rod) to take off “burr” edges. Keep fingers clear of tool path. This allows for a smoother cut and the ability to blend work.

Correcting Over Sharpened Blade

After blade is initially sharpened, it only takes a few pulls to resharpen again. Additional pulls can cause blade to “fold over” on itself resulting in a dull blade. To correct this move backside of blade across file removing burr edge. Once burr is removed, resharpen.

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